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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  August 20, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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it a minute! don't they say in space no one can hear you scream? maybe we should scream louder. both: hey you guys!!! ♪ ♪ feel the power feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo and plug it in! ♪ ♪ it's electric (electric company) ♪ ♪ get connected (electric company) ♪ ♪ it's electric (electric company) ♪ ♪ get connected (electric company) ♪ ♪ the power we perfected is electrically connected ♪ ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected ♪ ♪ just turn it on and you will see ♪ ♪ that you belong in the company! ♪ ♪ feel the power feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo and plug it in! ♪ ♪ plug it in, everybody! ♪ electric company electric company ♪ ♪ electric company... electric company! ♪
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ms. carruthers, top o' the morning. what's up francine? where are dax and lisa? i wanna ride the ship. i hear that venus is beautiful at this time of year. hector... its terrain is made up of craters and volcanoes. beautiful? well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i hold the opinion that volcanoes and craters make a beautiful terrain. (laughs) whoa, check it out. it's a message from the ship's computer system. "two friends trapped inside ship." that's a problem. we need to bring them back to full size. yeah, but dax and lisa are the only ones that know how to work the enlarger and that's the only way to make them... both: larger. right. okay, let's try to make contact with them. hey, guys, we wanna help you. how do we work the enlarger?
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oh! aah!! i don't think the ship can take much more of this! keith, i think i have a better idea. (nervous tapping) dax, you need to calm down. sorry, but we skeleckians get very claustrophobic. we don't do well in closed spaces. how can you be claustrophobic? you're in spaceships all the time. i know and it's horrible. i have to release the pressure in my head. (air hisses) whoa, what was that? excuse me. smells like toast. do you find that unpleasant? no. i like toast. let's relax and focus on something that makes us happy. think about the international house of noodles.
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noodles bring me happiness. that's what i'm counting on. wow, the big dipper. is that a kind of noodle? no, the big dipper is a constellation. you know when stars form to make people or things? see how the big dipper is shaped like a spoon? isn't it beautiful and calming? it kind of looks like the skeleckian constellation of klizoks. what's klizoks? klizoks was a skeleckian hunter who was trapped in a very, very small cave and then, and then the walls started closing in on him and then he couldn't breathe and then he got, he got claustrophobic and then, and then... (air hisses) ah... toast. what was that? it's a message from the guys. they're making contact!
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wait! what are you doing? i'm writing them back. i have to make it extra-large so they can read it. you better stand back. (paper rustling) where'd that paper come from? hey guys. what's up? they're nowhere. okay, dax and lisa are trapped in their science project. what? how did that happen? we don't know. wait, wait, wait! enlarger broken, we think francine did it. francine? wait, where'd she go? hector, let's go find her. okay, keith tell dax and lisa that we're on it and don't get fancy.
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(electronic beeping) keith says: keith? i got fancy. (air hisses) (sniffing) anybody smell toast? today's show brought to you by short "a", (aaa), and short "o", (ah). it's time for electric sound off. i'm your host hector ruiz. let's spin the wheel. what sound are we playing with today? short "o".
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the "ah" sound. let's plug in the "ah" sound and see it in action. "ah" as in rocket. or an octopus opera. or a blogging frog. is hop a short "o" word? yes! is hope a short "o" word? no! that's right. it has an "o" but it's a long "o" not a short "o". and now i need two volunteers to go head to head with the "ah" sound. i'll do it. i'll do it. well, come on up. (cheering) let's see some words. make a sentence using these words. the person who uses the most words with the "ah" sound wins. but be careful, we have hidden some long "o" words on the wall, too. ready? both: ready! work on your sentences while we hear a word from our sponsor. do you love having a pet? well i am selling the best pet you'll ever have, a rock. look how cute he is and so obedient, watch. sit, stay, good rock. hey that rock doesn't even move. he's sleeping. only $45. what a deal for your new best friend.
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time's up. let's see what sentences you made. my sentence is: look at that, dog, dropped, floss, pocket, of and smock, six "ah" words. you have your work cut out for you, annie. no problem. my sentence is: you've got floss, dropped, from and smock for four points but old and moldy have the "oh" sound not the "ah" sound, so marcus wins. (cheering) what do i win? a pot of slop! bleh! i'll see you next time on electric sound off. (beat boxing with "ah" sound) ♪ knock on that door. ♪ knock on that magic door. ♪ knock on that door. ♪ knock on that magic door.
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♪ knock on that flat door. ♪ ♪ knock on that flat door. ♪ you have a knack for knocking, a knack for knocking, ♪ ♪ a knack for knocking on that flat door. ♪ ♪ you have a knack for knocking, a knack for knocking, ♪ ♪ a knack for knocking on that flat door. ♪ ♪ knock on that door. ♪ knock, knack. ♪ knack, knack, knack. ♪ knack, knock. ♪ knack, knack. ♪ knock. you see before you mrs. mapler a map of my very own brain and just by thinking certain thoughts or performing certain tasks i can show you which part of the brain controls which of my many, many talents. that's fascinating francine. for instance, my ballet skills are located in this part of the brain.
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uh huh... and my drawing skills are located in this part of the brain. i see... and of course my science skills are located in this part of the brain. the chemical name for salt is sodium chloride. i love science the most. francine, do you expect me to believe that your brain is connected to those lights you keep turning on and off with your feet? oh, no. no. this is merely a model to show the many talent centers of the perfect brain. would you like to see the juggling center of my brain? that's alright francine, i think i've seen enough. please don't go. you haven't seen my real project. this isn't your real project? oh no. this is my extra credit project. my real project is over there.
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excuse us. francine? a word. alright, where's the wire? i don't know what you're talking about. oh really. what's this purple wire? alright, i admit it. i took the wire but please don't tell the judge. she really believes in me. we won't tell her if dax and lisa are back before the science fair's over. and keith. and keith. and keith? (electronic beeping) three people is way too many people to be in here. (air hisses) what is that? skeleckian pressure release. sorry. smells like toast, right? yes and i am starving. me too.
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another message! the purple wire's supposed to be connected to the blue wire. francine. francine! francine stole the purple wire. no, no, no. the purple wire needs to be reconnected to the blue wire. i'll let them know. stand aside boys. (paper rustling) keith: what's up with the paper? yeah, i know. it's a mystery. they're all blue. francine, which wire was this hooked up to? how should i know? i was in sabotage mode. okay, you're just gonna have to guess. eeny, meeny, miny, moe. any ideas? try miny. miny it is.
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(electronic sounds) maybe i should have said meeny. yeah... ♪ today's show brought to you by "r", (err). sometimes you can be so bossy. my name is jahresse. i live in new york city, harlem and we're gonna talk about the letter "r". guess what colors are in the front. oh! there it is, purple.
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go jahresse! i'm gonna shoot a powerful shot. rushing down the court, he shoots, scores. whooo. whoop, whoop! my hair grows a lot, so if it grows a lot you've got to cut it a lot. i'm rushing down the court, i run and he scores. a red court. a round ball, it's not red but it's round. look! a red car with some nice rims. he made it, unbelievable, really good shot. really, really good shot. score. powerful shot. i'm going back through my shortcut, we arrived to the basketball court and now we're leaving. have to hurry 'cause my mom's going to worry.
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♪ ♪ ♪ francine: i would just like to say, for the record, that i question the scientific merit of a science project that is this dangerous. it is way too crowded in here. (air hisses) (sniffing) i smell toast. he's just releasing some pressure. wow, my head feels totally clear and instantly i had this amazing idea to get us back to normal size.
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what is it? okay, one of the planets has ammonia gas in its atmosphere. we can go to that planet and convert the gas into an enlarging agent. well, wait. do you mean that ammonia gas can make us bigger? well, only if we get it through our skeleckian enlarger machine. what? let me explain. see the air surrounding these planets? there's gas in their atmospheres. that's right keith. now i remember, the air surrounding jupiter has ammonia in it. that's the atmosphere we're looking for. i knew that. okay, keith, set a course straight for the planet jupiter. we go to that planet, get the gas, enlarge ourselves and get out of here. ♪ watching planets rushing by, no time for us to list 'em. ♪ ♪ nervously we navigate across the solar system. ♪ ♪ chart a course to jupiter to reach our destination. ♪ ♪ plot a new position, use that spoon shaped constellation. ♪
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♪ what's this place? ♪ i think we took the dark way. ♪ ♪ outer space. ♪ it's not your average parkway. ♪ ♪ oh no. ♪ cover your ears. ♪ i'm so scared. ♪ close your eyes. ♪ not you dax, you're driving. ♪ ♪ sorry. ♪ whoa, whoa. ♪ are we gonna make it? ♪ whoa, whoa. ♪ are we gonna make it? ♪ whoa, whoa. ♪ are we gonna... ♪ smells like toast. ♪ sorry. ♪ look out! ♪ asteroid. ♪ a mass of stone and metal. ♪ must avoid. ♪ put your foot to the pedal. ♪ dax, you need... ♪ to drive without colliding? ♪ not to mention hyper speed. ♪ it's time for bumpy riding. ♪ whoa!! ♪ jupiter! ♪ we made it!
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♪ all: ohh! oh, i was just about to move on. well, i'm ready for that "ride" through the solar system. give us five minutes. five minutes it is. (air hisses) oh, whoa baby! what a ride. excuse me. can i offer you a hot towel? cookie? excellent touch and i like how you're taking care of your fellow classmates, francine. i love to give. dax and lisa, you have out done yourselves with this project. congratulations, you've won first prize!
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here is a gift certificate to the international house of noodles. ♪ noodles give me happiness. ♪ yes. yes. and i have another award to a student who has shown excellent citizenship. congratulations... francine. thank you so much judge but really this award belongs to my fellow students, without whom i wouldn't have anyone to help. this might go to her head. you think?! you like me. you really, really, really, really, really, really, really do. makes so much sense. it smells like success in here.
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oh wait, that's me. on prankster planet no one can stop me. will you even dare to try electric company? (sinister laughter) ♪ prankster planet prankster planet ♪ ♪ the reverse-a-ball's reversing all the words on earth ♪ ♪ so it's jessica and marcus to the rescue ♪ ♪ francine has eight machines you must stop them all ♪ ♪ to save the world from the reverse-a-balls ♪ ♪ prankster planet prankster planet ♪ meanwhile in francine's studio... hello loyal fans. all: francine. francine. francine. francine. you're too kind. let's take a look at three examples of my reverse-a-balls on earth. reverse-a-ball one. where are dax and lisa? reverse-a-ball two. excuse us. francine, a word. reverse-a-ball three. you like me. you really, really, really, really, really, really, really do.
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that's my favorite. let's check on the progress of our little "heroes," jessica and marcus, as they try to stop my reverse-a-balls. (laughing) as if. okay we have to move at the same time. on the count of three. one, two, three. (screaming) i was gonna say one, two, three, go. well it's not looking good for the electric company. so why don't i make it worse? hey, it's survey time. the survey question is: time to vote! francine: you can vote for grumpy mosquitoes, excited mice or confused grasshoppers. i'm going to show the results of the survey using a circle graph. graphmania! it's time to...
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all: vote. vote. vote. vote. and now the part where we have the results of the survey time. what did you vote for? this section of the circle graph shows that 20 of you voted for grumpy mosquitoes, this section shows that five of you voted for excited mice and this section shows that 15 of you voted for confused grasshoppers. grumpy mosquitoes has the biggest section so that one wins. the results of the survey show that you want grumpy mosquitoes to chase jessica and marcus time. francine: mosquito torpedo! what's that? (both scream) wait. why are they chasing us when... the... um marcus?
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when the ah... carnival is in town. you think they'll stay distracted? yeah i think so. francine: looks like i'm going to have to fire some mosquitoes later. there's the lever! time for my prankster planet, prankster rules emergency button. good luck stopping the reverse-a-balls now. (laughs) both: hey you guys! go to and stop the reverse-a-balls. the electric company and the people of earth need you. we interrupt our regularly scheduled programing for a special electric company shout-out from prankster planet. today's honorary electric company members are: skylas200, alyssa and bigryan4.
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congratulations! both: thank you. you can be an honorary member of the electric company too. go online and stop ancine's reverse-a-balls! i ha(beatboxing)idea. it's time to pose. (squeaking) ...she said. it's time to sing. (squealing) ...she said. (singing) it's time to move. (squeaking) ...she said. (beatboxing) two brothers... all-right! who know a lot about creatures... t-devils have the strongest jaws of any mammal. and personal hygiene. yuck! watch wild kratts! on pbs kids go! or anytime at p-b-s kids go dot org.
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"the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. ...i have a better idea. cut! tell dax and lisa that we're on it and don't get... (keith sneezes) sneezey on my finger. cut. yo, what's up guys? have you checked out the electric company online? go to check out the games, clips and tons more. the best part is there's new stuff added all the time. you don't believe me? go check it out for yourself. go!
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wild kratts is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ wild kratts! chris: hey, we're creature-adventuring in north america, in a special region known as the sonoran desert! martin: it's us, the kratt brothers! i'm martin. i'm chris. when you're mountain-biking in the desert, you gotta keep your eyes on the trail. and on the cactus! and on the gila monster! whoa! i don't believe it.
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a gila monster! he's sunning, getting warmed up for action. chris: he's on the move! let's go. this is the largest lizard in the united states and canada. and one of the only venomous species of lizard in north america. but don't worry, they won't attack you. they're more defensive. martin: and it's okay for us to hang out with him, as long as we give him his space. gila monsters stay hidden in their underground burrows for most of the year. and only come up after summer rains, or in the spring when food is abundant, to find a meal. and he's looking for a meal. this gila monster is searching for a nest. see that tongue tasting, tasting. the gila monster can follow the trail of an animal-- a bird or a mammal-- right to the nest. and when it finds a nest, it'll gobble up everything inside-- eggs and young. chris: and he only has to eat three or four meals, and he's good for the entire year! martin: not only is the gila monster one of the coolest-looking lizards
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in the world, he also has fantastic creature powers. a powerful lockjaw... with a venomous bite. and a bumpy skin with bony beads of armor inside. and sharp claws with the ability to dig in the rocky sonoran earth. imagine what it would be like to have the creature powers of a gila monster. what if? ♪ on adventure with the coolest creatures ♪ ♪ from the oceans to the trees ♪ ♪ the brothers kratt are going places you never get to see ♪ ♪ hanging with their creature friends ♪ ♪ get ready, it's the hour ♪ ♪ we're gonna save some animals today with ♪ ♪ creature power ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild ♪ cheetah speed and lizard glide ♪ ♪ falcon flight and lion pride ♪
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♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ (gasping) a gila monster! (gasping) (phone ringing) koki: incoming creature alert, coming from right here, in the sonoran desert. wild kratts, come in! it's me, javier. there's a gila monster under my house and i'm scared. a gila monster? a gila monster? yeah, he's sitting under my porch and won't go away. what do i do? hang on, javier! we'll be right there! b-but we were just leaving the sonoran desert. we have to get resupplied.
6:30 am
there's a wild kratts kid afraid of a really cool creature. we've got to straighten this out. and plus there's still a lot for us to learn about gila monsters! woohoo! ♪ creature mission: to learn the truth about the misunderstood gila monster. javier: there's a gila monster under my house and i'm scared. (rewinding) there's a gila monster under my house and i'm scared. there's a gila monster under my house and i'm scared. "there's a gila monster under my house and i'm scared." what? it's those wild rats. hmm, let's see where they're going. zachbot, put a tail on them. huh?! i didn't mean literally! "put a tail on them" means follow them!
6:31 am
and spy on them! grr. javier: martin! chris! over here! hey, javier. you okay? yeah, but i'm glad you're here. where's the gila monster? r-r-right under there. whoa! my grandfather told me that if a gila monster bites you, it won't let go until the sun goes down! well, it's true that gila monsters have a very powerful bite and jaw strength like a power wrench. aha! jaw strength like a power wrench? but even a gila monster doesn't hold onto a bite all day. there are a lot of misunderstandings and myths about the gila monster, and you are lucky enough to have one living under your porch so you can get to know the real gila monster. jaw strength like a power wrench? hmm, and the boy said they'll hold on till the sun goes down. (gasping) i've just had another brilliant idea!
6:32 am
i'm going to produce a line of gila monster power wrenches and sell them in hardware stores all over the world and make billions of dollars! (cackling) and this is what my gila monster power wrenches will look like! now i just need gila monsters. okay, a gila monster is nobody to be scared of. for starters, a gila monster spends 95% of his life just resting in the entrance of a burrow. and you are just about the luckiest kid in the sonoran desert because this gila monster has chosen your porch as his burrow. i don't want a gila monster under my porch. uh, okay. how about this? gila monsters are one of the few venomous species of lizards in the world with a poisonous bite but their venomous bite is a defensive bite. gila monsters just like to hang out and be left alone. nah. i'm telling you, javier, gila monsters are so cool.
6:33 am
i don't want a gila monster under my porch. oh, this is going to be a tough nut to crack. i know. he is a big lizard. and to a little kid like javier, he must look scary. but if we were littler than him... and we weren't scared... then maybe he wouldn't be scared either. are you thinking what i'm thinking, bro? i think so. the miniaturizer?! you got it, buddy! and we're going to get mini-sized. and go under your porch and prove to you that humans don't need to be afraid of gila monsters. all right, let's go visit a gila monster. javier: be careful. you said he's got a venomous bite. he doesn't want to bite anyone. he just wants to be left alone and asleep in his burrow. wow, look at that color. most gila monsters are orangey-peach and black,
6:34 am
swirled together into really cool patterns. and that color is a bright warning letting other animals know that this gila monster has a toxic bite so they don't mess with him. uh-oh. both: a bobcat! the gila monster's sleeping! a wild cat can take advantage of that. wake up! wake up! (hissing) whoa, gila monster held him off. cool! martin: the gila monster is a creature who makes peach a tough color. ewww, what kind of monster is peach color? i'll just paint my gila monsters to be more red and tough-looking. that's better! chris: so you see, a gila monster can be tough and does have a venomous bite but having one under your house is nothing to worry about. yeah, i guess i am kind of lucky. no, i'm really lucky.
6:35 am
you've led me to my next big thing: zach's gila monster wrenches! now i just need the gila monsters to power them. hmm, but i'll leave that one to distract the brothers. you! get out there, zachbot. collect all the gila monster lizards you can find. (cackling) see, javier, he just likes to have his peace and quiet. yeah, he's pretty cool. told you. he's on the move. let's give him some space. actually, let's see what he's up to. come on, javier! are you sure? sure, i'm sure. it'll be fun! okay! this is so rare to see a gila monster on the move. gila monsters only come out a few months of the year. in the spring-- march, april, and may-- they come out for a spring feast of small mammals, birds, reptiles, and-- eggs! chris: a gila monster only has to eat three meals like this,
6:36 am
and he's good for the whole year. i have to eat three meals every day! he's swallowing them whole! cool! yeah. gilas really pack it in! javier: wow. gila monsters are pretty slow walkers. martin: hey, why hurry when you don't have to? (humming to music) hmm? uh-oh. hey, koki, aviva. i just thought i saw a zachbot. do you see anything up there? i'll go look. yeah, i got one over here! and over here! what do you think, girlfriend? let's find out what they're up to. i'm with you. ♪
6:37 am
aviva: stop! koki: get back here with those gila monsters! zach's capturing gila monsters, but why? it says here that in the sonoran desert, there are only several thousand left in the wild. well, whatever he's doing, the gila monsters are in there. let's go! now, that's my good zachbots. you brought me lots of gila monsters. wha? but you also brought me two wild ratts! bad robots! bad! aviva: zach, put those gila monsters back! koki: or we'll put them back for you! oh, of course, you're right. i'll get right to that after i... fire disrupto beams! whoa! oof! (cackling) ugh. i do not like seeing my inventions destroyed, especially by zach!
6:38 am
okay, now i'm mad. well, if he wants gila monsters, let's see if he can handle some gila monster power suits! great idea, koki. come on, time to do some inventing. we're almost back to my house. yeah, he's heading for the shade under your porch. whoa! hold on! martin: another gila monster, twelve o'clock! chris: look out, both are males. when they meet, i think we're going to have a rarely-seen-before creature moment. a gila monster battle! gila monsters may be slow, but when they strike, they never let go. martin: these are one of the heaviest lizards in north america, and they are throwing their weight around. this makes it easy. i'm going to name him lockjaw! because when he bites, he locks on. but which one's lockjaw? he's the one that lives under my house, and he's awesome! whoa, he got a hold!
6:39 am
chris: and he got a hold! both: they both got a hold! wow! gila fight! okay, now this is some power that can easily take on zachbots. powerful bites and tough, beaded skin to protect from bites. add those muscular limbs, impressive claws... which give the gila monster his fantastic digging powers! this is exactly the kind of information i need in order to make my gila monster power suits. oh, yeah! okay, today it's a tie. this is springtime and lockjaw and the other gila monsters are most concerned with filling up their bellies. hey, aviva, thanks for getting started on those gila monster powers. whoa-- oof! and don't forget, gila monsters have bumpy scales! whoa-- oof! it's going to be fun to try those suits out. uh, fun will have to wait. we forgot to mention we've got a creature crisis. while you've been observing this gila monster, zach's been collecting others all over the sonoran desert.
6:40 am
and we're not sure what he's up to. i've got some good observations to start with, but i need my inventing equipment, pronto. jimmy, can you bring the tortuga over to javier's house? sure thing. great. i'm on it! chris: hey aviva, when you're programming the creature powers, don't forget about tremendous bite strength. martin: and scales like round beads. a powerful strike. warning colors. ooh, venom! i've got it! i've got it! look! the gila monster's going back to my house! hey, how'd you guys do that? he really likes the gila monster now. how'd you change his mind? it wasn't us. it was the coolness of the gila monster! and as the day gets hotter, the gila monster has to find a cool place to rest. he's got that scaly skin to keep the moisture in, but even this lizard can't stand the intense heat of the high desert sun. that's why he likes it under my porch. yeah. but what does zach like about gila monsters?
6:41 am
okay, now this cold-blooded lizard is the height of creature cool. there is no way we can let zach collect them, and we've got to rescue the ones he's already caught. but what could zach be up to? whoooaaa! walk much, bro? (laughing) i tripped. tripped? over sand? no, over something in the sand. (gasping) gila-monster eggs! javier: cool! i have gila monster eggs under my porch?! and there aren't many gila monsters left. every egg-- every gila monster-- is precious. we've got to stop zach and return the gila monsters back, living free and in the wild. koki, javier-- you guys stay here and protect lockjaw and the eggs so zach can't get them. got it. if zach tries to mess with the gila monsters, i'll bite him. (laughing) (chuckling) and we'll go rescue the others. real size!
6:42 am
to the creature rescue! ♪ uh, we're definitely off on a creature rescue, but where are we going? where's zach's plane? uh... good point, bro. i have no idea. but there's always a good way to find out! hey koki, can you give us a location on zach's plane? well, sure i could, if i was in the tortuga. but i'm under a porch guarding a gila monster. oh, yeah. hm. okay, if i were zach, where would i hide? hey, jz, can you give us a location on zach's plane? you're right on track, guys. keep heading north. there! we've got him! aviva: bros, i've got good news! the gila monster power discs are complete! heads up, jimmy! energize! awesome! gila monster powers. i can't wait to use them. ♪
6:43 am
production of the gila monster power wrenches is going as planned. i am harnessing the gila monster's bite to power wrenches with incomparable grip! (straining) it works! zach's monster-power wrenches are going to be the greatest power wrenches in the hardware stores! and i'll make billions! martin: how are we going to get past that bot? he's blocking the entrance. how about the old "video projection of a creature" trick? ho-ho! great idea, bro. ♪ chris: he's falling for it. it doesn't know it's a video.
6:44 am
it thinks it's an actual gila monster. but if you keep moving slow and natural like that, he's going to catch it and find us out. hmm. let's speed things up. (laughing) chris: the zachbot doesn't know gilas walk slow on four feet. martin: so how about two? fly away, little lizard. fly away! (laughing) okay, okay. pull it together, bro. yeah, yeah, i know, i know: we're on a creature mission. the coast is clear. so what's zach up to this time? i can't stand how zach uses animals as spare parts. yeah, and no better way to turn the tables
6:45 am
than rescuing our lizard friends with gila monster powers! ♪ (hissing) shhh! he's just reacting in his natural way. true, but he's giving us away. quick! activate gila monster powers! ♪ ready for some gila monster combat? oh, yeah. engage bite power. wha?! ♪ ah! grrr!
6:46 am
enough! i figured you two would show up and try and mess up my plan, so i have a surprise for you while you're standing right there. buh-bye. uh-oh. whoahh! oh no. this is going to hurt! oof! zach: and just so you can't mess with me further, i'm prepared to go underground! hey, i've got to admit, that's pretty impressive, except that zach should have been paying closer attention to gila monster powers. gila monsters can dig! let's show him how. ♪ i've beaten them this time! my plan is foolproof! (crashing) hmm? ugh! except if the fools you're trying to beat
6:47 am
have gila monster powers! release our gila monster friends, zach. no! forget it! these slow-witted lizards are totally under my control. martin: uh, careful zach. gila monsters have a powerful bite. he can't bite. he can't even move. i'm not talking about that one, i'm talking about-- waaahhh! that one. zach, we warned you to be careful. owee! owee! owee! owee! get it off! it hurts! that's because of the venom. the venom makes a gila monster bite hurt worse than normal. some people just don't pay attention to the warning colors and the warning hisses and have to learn the hard way. yeah, but even though zach is so annoying, we've got to help him. i mean, you've got to help anybody with a gila monster locked onto his behind. ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! okay, zach, we'll take you to the tortuga first-aid clinic as soon as you release the gila monsters.
6:48 am
okay, okay, okay, just hurry! owee-ow, ow, ow, owee! (buzzing) chris: you're free! and so are you! get it off! (whining) uh, we can't. a gila monster lets go when he wants to. but don't worry, he won't hang on all day. and we'll help you out. hey, everybody! we've got a medical emergency! (wailing) how did that happen? i'm sorry for stealing your inventions and calling you "little miss science pants" and capturing creatures. just please get it off! zach, quiet and don't move, and the gila monster will let you go. ow, it still hurts. yeah, that's the venom.
6:49 am
and here's my special antivenom. no, not a needle! zach, i already gave you the shot. it should already be feeling better. it does feel better, but it's still all your fault! what? why did you give me the idea that gila monsters are good for anything in the first place? (screaming) (hissing) they're dangerous. ahhh! (screaming) well, at least he won't bother gila monsters anymore. (phone ringing) the gila monster eggs are hatching! he's just like a big one, but cuter. que lindo. this is incredible. when a gila monster hatches out, she is an exact replica of her parents-- just smaller. yeah, gila monsters are the only lizards in north america that lay their eggs so they develop over the winter and hatch the next spring. that's so that the eggs hatch when food is abundant.
6:50 am
and she goes off on her own to find her first feast. i love gila monsters! and i'm so glad they live under my house. so the gila monster is one impressive lizard... ...with his bright warning colors, ...his armored skin, ...his venomous bite given by powerful jaws. the gila monster has enough defensive power to move around freely in the desert. but he's not completely invulnerable. there are some predators who can get at him. how about hooded skunks? they are pretty tough weasels. definitely would get a small one. maybe not a big one. yeah, but coyotes could. those wild dogs are adaptable and smart. and a cougar. martin: a cougar can pretty much catch what it wants, but even they would have to be careful around that bite with the venom. and from above, they've got to look out for great-horned owls. oh, and golden eagles. you might never see those aerial predators coming if you're a gila monster.
6:51 am
but one thing's for sure-- he's tough enough for even the ultimate predators to think twice and be careful whenever they see the warning colors and pattern of the gila monster. our guy is a beautiful light-orange and black color pattern. but, depending on what part of this desert you're in, they can come in yellow, pink or orange. martin: oh, and the gila monster has a close relative that is mostly black with just splashes of color. it's called the mexican beaded lizard. whatever the shade, the gila monster is a colorful character that makes the sonoran desert a special place. martin: and if you ever see one on the surface, you're lucky, because they don't stay up here for long. gila monsters love rocky areas. this is their habitat. a gila monster searches through the rocks for burrows and nests of other animals, and it's also where he'll make his own burrow where he spends most of the year. the hot sun in the desert can even get too much for the gila monster.
6:52 am
i mean, he loves to soak up those rays in the early morning. but, by midday, it's way too hot, so the gila monster seeks shade. this cactus is a great place to hang out, right at the base of it where the ground's nice and cool. huh, i like it here, too. chris: the gila monster has to hunt, and we have to go. see you later, buddy. keep on creature-adventuring. we'll see you on the creature trail! an african crested porcupine. who knew that porcupines were such great swimmers? one of the reasons are their quills. they have a bonus creature power: they're hollow. they help make the porcupine a great swimmer. they're like natural flotation devices, making it easy for the porcupine to swim.
6:53 am
did you know that a sugar glider is a flying marsupial? can you see the sugar glider's gliding power? those are his parachute-like features right there. see the squiggly line of skin right there? when he jumps that membrane spreads and off he glides. like that! announcer: pbs kids presents cold-blooded, scaly fun all week long... rattlesnake! with the new "wild kratts" reptile week. ready for some gila monster combat? there he goes! let's go! announcer: get your creature power suit on... chris: nice. turning on. and go wild with a new week of claws, scales... the mighty nile crocodile! and even zak. ow, ow, ow, ow! it's the new "wild kratts" reptile week all this week on pbs kids, and watch "wild kratts" anytime at s kids,
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it's "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that." awesome! announcer: buckle up... and blast off to amazing places. it's "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that," weekdays on pbs kids or anytime at wild kratts is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ to find out more about cool animals... and collect your own wild kratts creature powers... go to the wild kratts website... at we'll see you there! we'll see you there!
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at [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids. and by contributions to your pbs station from: [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. ♪ every day, when you're walking down the street ♪ ♪ everybody that you meet has an original point of view ♪ (laughing) ♪ and i say, hey hey!
6:57 am
♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other ♪ ♪ you got to listen to your heart, listen to the beat ♪ ♪ listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street ♪ ♪ open up your eyes, open up your ears ♪ ♪ get together and make things better by working together ♪ ♪ it's a simple message, and it comes from the heart ♪ ♪ believe in yourself ♪ believe in yourself ♪ ♪ for that's the place to start ♪ ♪ place to start ♪ ♪ and i say, hey ♪ hey! hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day♪ hey! arthur (on tv): hey, d.w.! hey! whoa! (loud thud) (letters shattering) dr. jake (over radio): good evening, elwood city!
6:58 am
well, the sun may be setting, but the temperature is rising. you think this is bad, wait till tomorrow. you'll be able to fry eggs on your driveway. so crank up those air-cons and stay tuned to dr. jake, the weather maestro, for the latest on the heat wave. (air conditioner starts) okay, just a few more questions and we'll be done. (giggling) now, ed, i noticed you deducted your shoes on your schedule c. thanks, honey. move over. this is the only really cool spot in the whole house. are there any ice cubes left? things have a way of disappearing in that freezer. there's plenty of ice, d.w. mr. read: arthur, could you help me carry something? there better be some of this lemonade left when i come back. trust me, arthur. (arthur groans)
6:59 am
this is the biggest ham i've ever seen! (grunts) it's for a graduation party i'm catering tomorrow. (grunts) (sighs) it just fits. thank goodness. it needs to stay cold until tomorrow. ed, i-i just don't think dental floss can be counted as a business expense... (gasps) ed? ed? hello? (air conditioner stops) hey! where'd the cold air go? (electrical sizzling) (crying) (camera shutter clicks) dr. jake: yes, sirree, elwood city is having a blackout! no word yet on when it will be over, but dr. jake, your weather maestro, is sure it won't be long.
7:00 am
(turns off radio) can we watch the blackout on tv? there is no tv. (pal barking) a blackout means there's no electricity. no electricity, no tv. no tv?! will there be tv tomorrow?! there's a mary moo cow special on the number two i have to watch. it'll probably be over by then. you heard the weatherman. dr. jake's predictions weren't exactly accurate when we had that blizzard. i better go get some supplies. mr. read: see, kids? isn't this fun? a candlelit dinner. d.w.: cold leftover pasta, applesauce, and pretzels? that's it?! the store was closed so we have to make do with this. but... we do have all that leftover strawberry ice cream for dessert. make that strawberry soup. (laughs) anybody want it as a first course? i'm so hot. my ears are sweating.
7:01 am
can't we at least turn on a fan? fans are electric. here, we'll just open a window and get a nice breeze. there goes the candlelit part of dinner. well, at least it's cooler. (crunching) (grunts) pretzels and tap water? it's like we're in jail. (walkie-talkie ringing) (beeping) buster: hey, arthur. hello? hey, buster. is your power out, too? yeah, but i have a little bit of light. something's glowing in my food cabinet. i hope this blackout ends soon. i can't sleep in this heat. me neither. i tried counting sheep, but imagining all that wool just made me hotter. (beeping) i think my battery's dying. don't worry, arthur. i'll find some way to contact you tomorrow. i'm a few blocks away.
7:02 am
you don't need electricity to walk. (static) you're fading! hang in there, buddy! we'll get through this! (groans) (sniffing) something's cooking! arthur: hey, is the blackout over?! no. and here's your share of the milk. it's less because you took too many ice cubes yesterday. oh. i thought i smelled someone frying something. (sniffing) i think our minds are playing tricks on us. (knocking) vicita: hello? anyone home? good morning, mr. read. my father wanted to know if you wanted to come over for breakfast? we're having arepas. (grill sizzling)
7:03 am
these arepas are delicious. do i taste a hint of cilantro in the ahî? exactamente. it was my mother's recipe. how come this orange juice is cold? because it was in our natural refrigerator. show him, alberto. when it starts to get hot, my dad buries a metal pail in a shady spot. since the temperature is lower underground, the drinks stay cooler. there are many blackouts in ecuador, so you learn a few tricks. ah, they're not just tricks, mi amor. you have to be prepared. would you like to see the basement? i have lots of extra batteries, but if i run out, this lantern is very handy. arthur: cool! what's this?
7:04 am
a hand-crank radio. no batteries required, just muscle. dr. jake: still no power, but they expect to resolve the problem very soon. till then, keep it tuned to welp and chill out with dr. jake! (turns off radio) dr. jake, some doctor. all his predictions are wrong. do you have a hand-crank tv, too? i have to watch mary moo cow. sorry, d.w. but it's nice to take a break from tv, don't you think? mr. read: my catering job's been canceled. mom can't work, so let's all do something together. okay. like what? i'm thinking. we're not prepared! this air conditioner doesn't even have a crank on it. and i'm probably missing mary moo cow right now. d.w., there are other ways to have fun. remember what a good time we had during the blizzard? that was different.
7:05 am
there was snow, and snow is fun. she's right. even rain would be more fun than this heat. rain! that's it! we all need to get wet. arthur: are we both going to fit in that? sure. it'll be cozy but cool. (knob creaks) hope no one sees me in this thing. (both sigh) buster: hey, arthur. (screams) i came over to see how you guys were doing. ooh, nice-looking bath. can i join you? um, okay. d.w., could you move over a little? but nadine's sitting here. well, tell her to move over. (sighs): ah... this is great. i can almost imagine i'm at the beach.
7:06 am
aah! i feel an octopus! that's just my foot. (barks) come on, boy. you can come in, too. why don't you just invite the whole neighborhood? (barking) pal! now, stop that! (growling) (loud pop) (air hissing) hey! what's happening? we're sinking! abandoned ship! (molina chuckling) ooh, you have to watch out for dogfish! i will show you a way to cool down that doesn't need so much water. this is what my abuela used to do whenever she was hot. here, put your feet in. both (sigh): ah... and if you keep the curtains closed, the house will stay cooler. thanks again, ramon. do you like blackouts, mr. molina? 'cause you're really good at them. (chuckles): no, d.w.
7:07 am
i, too, miss not having electricity. but when i was growing up in quito, my family always used blackouts as an excuse to have a fiesta. (festive music plays) people would all share their leftovers, there would be music and dancing, and everyone on the block would party into the night. so there were some good parts to the blackouts as well. that's a great idea! let's have a fiesta! i'd love to, d.w., but i am afraid we don't have enough food. i could bring over all the things from my food case. i don't think that's such a good idea. but what about some stuff from your garden? (snaps fingers) and i have the perfect main course.
7:08 am
(laughs) (festive music playing) here, mr. molina. some more organic tomatoes. perfecto! david, you start working on the salsa. i am going to get some lanterns. it's all in the wrist. like this. ¡excelente! now try it out. five cents, please. it's good to have a lot of change at these blackout fiestas. dr. jack (over radio): well, it looks like the power will be out for another day at least, and... uh... wait, i-it... it's back on! woo-hoo! aw. that's it? it's over? well, at least you'll be able to watch mary moo cow again.
7:09 am
yeah. but i'd rather have a fiesta. mm, don't worry; i am prepared for this emergency as well. now... (whooping, cheering) we can party all night! and now... arthur and his family didn't have any electricity. so they had no refrigerator. do you think that a refrigerator is the only way to preserve food? girl: peter mccarthy is here, and he is a chef. peter's restaurant is evoo. peter: at evoo, we do a lot of preserving of food; we can put food in jars and take the air out of the jars, and we don't need a refrigerator. they're preserved and last a really, really long time. today we're going to make strawberry jam and pickled apples. (kids cheering) apples. ooh... cool! there you go. peter: the flavoring for the pickles
7:10 am
is called the brine. the brine helps preserve the apples. water, honey, sugar, vinegar, spices. some cinnamon, star anise pods, some ginger. oh, i still have to add the lemon. our next step is putting them into a hot water bath to seal the jars. are you guys ready to make some strawberry jam? kids: yeah! okay. first thing we need to do is smash these strawberries. smoosh. smoosh! ♪ there's only two ingredients: strawberries and sugar. oh! oh! boy: the sugar went into the table. peter: and it's going to cook until it's really boiling, boiling hot. boy: the strawberries everything in here are cooking. is really hot right now; when they cool down, the air that's in here is going to pop out and seal the jar. it'll be preserved.
7:11 am
we'll see how everything came out next week. girl: they've been in the classroom for one week, and they're not in the refrigerator. they're delicious. good response. ♪ mmm! that's good. and now... (applause) hello. pal and i have a very important announcement. mei lin, binky's baby sister, will be hosting the show. it's her first time, so please give her a warm welcome! (music and applause) (growling) (music ends) (talking baby talk) (continues baby talk) sorry, forgot to turn the baby translator on. and although i am the host, i do not agree with all this show's views. for instance, very few of the characters are babies. only 16% of the episodes are about people under four.
7:12 am
there are even more shows about pets than babies. and what's that supposed to mean? i think she's just cranky. we must have woken her up from a nap. oh. so every time a baby disagrees with something, it's because she didn't get her nap? mei lin, i didn't say that. you're becoming one of them. i saw you walking on two legs the other day. i call it "anti-baby." that's absurd! i'm sorry, but due to, um, technical difficulties, this tease will have to be cut short. (mei lin and kate arguing) enjoy the show. kate: oh, grow up! (howls) your move. that's it, mei lin. you can do it! put some barnes muscle into it! (grunting) that's the fifth time this week she almost stood on her own. how will she ever walk if she can't even stand? she's just not ready.
7:13 am
kate only started a month ago, and look at her now! it's like you're falling, but then you stop yourself just in time. very impressive. these glasses are amazing! i can see my toenails! come on, mei lin. just try it once. but i don't want to stand. i like being on all fours. it's safer. pal: and you also find more leftovers, like this hairy cookie. (crunching) mmm! woolly! oh! i've had this blasted itch all day! kate, would you see what it is? ¡alto, sale! ¡piu alto! it's pepe! ¡si! it is me, pepe! and look who's with me! my brother, sale! (honks horn twice)
7:14 am
pepe! oh, i should've recognized that itch. what are you doing here? shouldn't you be at the flea circus? oh, bugs! kate, squish them! no, no, mei lin. these fleas are our friends. yes. pepe tells the most amazing stories. tell us one, won't you? once there was a flea who couldn't find his brother. we've heard that one. oh. okay, uh... let me think. how about the "three little bugs"? one bug had a house of straw. another bug a house of wood... that's just "the three little pigs," but with bugs. if you're not going to squish them, i'll get binky to. (whispering) wait, wait, story is coming to me! perfecto, sale. (honks horn twice) once there was a kingdom where no one walked on two legs. everyone crawled. it's a good beginning.
7:15 am
okay, i'm listening. this was a long time ago in a faraway land called hanzan-niis. the king of hanzan-niis had a daughter named princess lemini who is very beautiful, but very lazy. meno, i'm hungry. bring me a grape. right away, princess. it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't make me peel them. where is lap? i want to be amused. that matted wad of stinking fur? he's probably rolling in the trash some... lap is here to bring good cheer. lap was the princess' jester. she loved him more than anyone in the entire kingdom. what'll it be: knock-knock joke, a magic trick, or shall i just lick your feet? oh, do that thing that you do, you know, with your back legs? since everyone in the kingdom crawled,
7:16 am
walking on two legs was just about the strangest, silliest thing anyone could do. (laughs) oh, that's priceless! give him a treat, meno. incidentally, this is how dogs learn to beg. fascinating. the princess' servant was jealous of all the attention lap got, so he secretly had a witch put a spell on the treat. (all gasp) the scoundrel! right away, dear princess. here you go, wretched cur. enjoy. lap! what's wrong? (hollow clanking) hmm, must have gotten a chill. oh, well, he'll make an interesting lawn ornament. no, don't touch him! there must be some cure for this strange disease.
7:17 am
but no one in the entire kingdom could hear her beloved jester. so princess lemini set out on her own to find a cure. the princess crawled across the hot sand for days, without seeing a soul. oh! ow! oh! (camel grunts) a baby! what's a baby doing in the middle of the desert? i'm on a quest to help my friend lap. he's frozen. do you know someone who could cure him? like a doctor? i could take you to mine. she's fabulous. hop on. oh, stop! couldn't you just carry me? with what, these teeth? it's the hump or nothing. so the princess held on. and, after a while, she got used to riding a camel. whee! faster, faster!
7:18 am
hey, this is my speed limit. you want faster? ride a cheetah. there, now get plenty of rest and stay off of that claw. camel, how are you? ah, i can't complain. it's her that needs help. the wise dr. baba kety listened to the princess' story. it sounds like your friend is under an evil spell. oh, no! poor lap! can you fix him? i'm afraid not. but there's a tree whose fruit can undo any spell. it's on an island in the middle of the sea. you swim, right? only in heated pools. you could borrow my sailboat. good luck! camel: call me when you get there, and let me know you're safe! the princess loved sailing,
7:19 am
mainly because the wind did most of the work. but then, a sea giant rose up before her! with one swipe of his mighty hand, the giant tore the sail from the boat! (screams) i wonder what these are for. maybe i can use them to get away. arrgh! she had never rowed a boat before, but when a giant is chasing you, you learn quickly. the princess rowed and rowed and rowed. eventually, she reached the island with the magical tree. oh! whew! baba kety had neglected to tell the princess that the tree was at the top of a mountain. oh, come on! it took her all night to climb the mountain. many times she wanted to quit, but then she would think of poor lap...
7:20 am
he makes an excellent scratching post. ...and she would find the strength to carry on. oh! ow! oh! by morning, she had reached the tree. (grunting) she crawled out onto the branch, and there it was, the fruit that could undo all evil spells. she grabbed it... then the branch broke. (yells) (all gasp) the... end. what? that's terrible! stinky! (honks twice) wait, wait, i forgot something. a bird caught her before she hit the ground and flew her back to the kingdom. now there was only one thing left to do: give lap the magic fruit. but how would she put it in his mouth?
7:21 am
he was too high up. (princess grunting) there was only one solution: she had to stand. she thought it would be hard but her arms and legs were very strong from all the rowing and climbing. mmm! juicy! lap, you're back! did i go somewhere? princess, you're standing! (laughs) it looks even sillier when you do it. the princess did feel a little strange, but she decided she liked being on her own two feet. after that, she taught everyone in the kingdom how to stand and walk. except for that dastardly cat meno. the end. that was beautiful. didn't you think so, mei lin? yes, but what's the moral? not to trust cats. whatever happened to that meno character, anyway? pepe? (gasps)
7:22 am
they're gone. but i wanted to ask him about... come on, mei lin. time to go. and then uncle slam says: "grr, i'll get you, tiny tornado." good night, mei lin. sleep tight. oops, forgot uncle slam. (gasps) you... you did it! you're standing! mom, get the camera! (sighs) it's always the little things that make them happy. visit us on-line at: you can find arthur books and lots of other books, too, at your local library.
7:23 am
buster: hi, everyone. it's me, buster. if you love the great food we get to eat in elwood city, you won't believe all the great food i'm trying on my trip with my dad. mmm! don't you just want to eat some? i'm tasting everything, and i'm sending it all back to my friends in elwood city on my very own video postcards. they're postcards from buster. ♪ every day when you're walking down the street ♪ ♪ and everybody that you meet ♪ has an original point of view ♪ ♪ and i say, hey ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ hey! is provided by...
7:24 am
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7:25 am
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martha speaks is funded in part by... kiddie academy child care learning centers... proud supporter of pbs kids. providing educationally focused child care, preparing children for school and for life. kiddie academy... the corporation for public broadcasting, by a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready-to-learn grant, by:
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and by: rtha was an average dog ♪ ♪ she went... and... and... (barking, growls) ♪ when she ate some alphabet soup ♪ ♪ then what happened was bizarre... ♪ on the way to martha's stomach, the letters lost their way. they traveled to her brain and now... ♪ she's got a lot to say ♪ now she speaks... how now, brown cow? ♪ martha speaks, yeah, she speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ and speaks and speaks and speaks... ♪ what's a caboose? when are we eating again? ♪ martha speaks... hey, joe, what do you know? my name's not joe. ♪ she's not always right, but still that martha speaks. ♪ hi, there! ♪ she's got a voice, she's ready to shout ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ sometimes wrong but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ that dog's unique... testing, one, two! ♪ hear her speak ♪ martha speaks and speaks ♪ and speaks and speaks and... ♪ ♪ communicates, enumerates ♪ elucidates, exaggerates ♪ indicates and explicates, bloviates and overtakes and... ♪ (panting)
7:28 am
♪ ...hyperventilates! ♪ martha, to reiterate... martha speaks! ♪ martha speaks. helen: prisoner number 6259, (flashbulb popping) martha. i'm innocent! you've got the wrong dog. i'm not to blame-- which is one of the words in today's show and means that i didn't do anything wrong. some of the other words are "lie," "disobedient" and "misbehave." see if you can spot them. i'm innocent! (barking)yes, i did eat that turkey leg. i thought they were finished with it. (barking) it's a bum rap! well, good afternoon, mrs. popolink. oh, thank you, karl-- you're such a sweetie. (dogs barking)
7:29 am
away from that beef! (excited shouting) get away from that beef! (grunting) karl: get out of here, you scroungy mongrels! and stay out! those three strays have been hanging around for the past few days, but usually they just sit outside and fog up the window. oh, the times we live in. so, i need six knockwursts, three pounds of... (panting, whining) martha: excuse me. pardon me. special delivery for karl coming through. ah, martha! now, here's an honest dog. sorry about the drool. karl (chuckles): oh, don't worry about it. a little drool never hurt anyone. now, for being such a good delivery dog, how about a little brisket? mmm! mmm! oh, karl, i suspect this might be your best creation ever! then again, last week's pastrami was also very good. do you have any of that lying around?
7:30 am
w-we could do a taste test. (chuckles): sorry, martha. we'll just have to call it a tie. see you, martha! thanks again! anytime, karl! (martha humming a tune) (birds chirping, martha snoring) (barking nearby) (gasps): who's there? oh, hey, you three were outside the butcher shop earlier. are you newto the neighborhood? (sniffing) you don't smell familiar. (barking) you're friends of karl in town for his birthday? i didn't know karl had a birthday coming up. how old is he? (barking) six? is that all? gosh, he looks old for six. wait, that's 42 in human years. (laughs): i keep forgetting. (barking) (barking) you're throwing him a super-secret surprise party? of course i'd like to help out. uh, what can i do? (rings)
7:31 am
hello. karl's meats. karl speaking. at 5:30 precisely, you are to go to 29 elderberry street. tell no one. what? who is this? a friend. but what's at 29 elderberry street? that's all the way across town. i can't tell you, but let's just say you'll be very glad you went. (laughs): karl doesn't suspect a thing! i can't wait to see his expression when everybody jumps out and yells "surprise!" oh, he's going to be so happy! are you sure this is 29 elderberry street? of course i'm sure. i know the address of my own store, don't i? now, do you want to buy a vacuum or don't you? uh... (snoring) huh? who's there? oh! it's you guys. hold on. i'll meet you 'round the back. i tried to go to karl's surprise party but no one was there. and it was a vacuum cleaner store.
7:32 am
did i get the address wrong? wait. where are you going? what's this? (barking) my "share"? my share of what? karl has some strange friends. i guess these must be a few party favors. wow. that was some party i missed. (groaning) oh, my belly hurts. i'm being punished for not stopping after the second t-bone. (grunting) morning, everyone. "police are asking anybody "with information about the crime to call this toll-free number." (laughing) that's just terrible. who would want to hurt such a nice man? what happened? karl was robbed yesterday. (gasps) no! yup. he got a strange call
7:33 am
telling him to go to a vacuum cleaner store, and while he was out, the robbers got inside his shop. a strange call? yeah, and get this-- they didn't even take any money, just 30 pounds of raw meat. mom: it doesn't make any sense. who would possibly want all that meat? (gasps)dad: what's wrong, martha? you seem distressed. who? me? distressed? uh, i-i'm not distressed. what makes you think i'm distressed? well, because you look distressed. you know, like something has really upset you, and you've hardly touched your soup. (gulps) oh. i guess i'm not that hungry because i ate so much last night. i mean, no more than normal. but it was a lot... of dog food. and soup, too. heh. yessiree, just delicious ol' dog food and soup. ha-ha. i'll be right back. there's something i have to do. "party favors." i should have suspected something was up. if the police find these bones, they might think i robbed karl. i could go to jail.
7:34 am
so you see, i'm getting blamed for the crime, but i'm innocent. then why are you here? because getting blamed means people think i did it, even though i didn't. (door opens) there's helen. she'll explain it to you. tell bonnie how i didn't do the crime and therefore i shouldn't be blamed for it. i wish i could, martha, but what about the bones? they found them all over our yard. okay, i confess. i ate those steaks. you can't blame me for that, but i didn't steal them. don't you believe me? i don't know what to believe anymore, martha. here. i brought you a squeaky toy. helen! come back! i'm not to blame! i didn't rob karl. honest, i didn't. (squeaking) (gasps) i better conceal the evidence. (panting) there. now no one can connect me to the crime. helen: come on, martha.
7:35 am
let's go visit karl. karl? w-w-why do you want to go visit karl? because he's probably really upset and we should cheer him up. well, we could send him a cake. i think visiting him would be nicer. are you sure? if it were me, i'd rather have the cake. come on, martha, let's go. (whimpers) karl: and when i returned, the door was propped open with this stick. why would they do that? it was unlocked. they could have just used the handle. helen: weird. (sniffs) hey, is that brisket i smell? i bet it's even better than the last one. let's have a taste test. sorry, martha. what with the robbery, i can't really afford to give out any free samples. if only i could identify that voice on the phone. it sounded so familiar. i feel like i've heard it recently. (gulps) very recently. well, if there's anything we can do to help, karl, just let us know. right, martha? (clearing throat) woof. "woof"? what do you mean, "woof"? did you hurt your voice, martha?
7:36 am
woof, woof, woof. she didn't eat much alphabet soup this morning, but usually her voice doesn't go all at once like that. we better get you home, martha. you might be getting sick. (sighs) i'm going to make you some more soup, okay? i'll call you when it's ready. this is terrible. now i'm hiding things from helen. oh, well, at least karl didn't suspect any... (gasps) skits! what are you doing! you can't have these! i'm concealing them! (inquisitive bark) "conceal." it means to hide. and don't ask why i'm concealing them, because i can't tell you. (growling) skits, if i get any more meat... i promise you can have it. now, let go. (grunts) (skits barks) i know-- a promise is a promise. (snoring) (creaking)
7:37 am
huh? huh? who's there? you three! i should have known. if you know what's good for you, you'll go to the police right now and confess. (barking) oh, uh, "confess"? it means to tell someone that you did something wrong-- like stealing from karl! (all laughing) (barking) (barking) you want me to call the pizzeria tomorrow at 5:30? (barking) you want me to tell mario that his house is on fire? no, i won't do it! i don't care if you pay me a salami! i'm not eating this. just watch me not eating this salami. that's some salami. so chewy, salty... no, martha! bad dog! that's it! i can't take it any longer! i'll confess everything to helen! i don't care what punishment i get. oh, wait-- i should probably bring the salami as evidence. aah! skits!
7:38 am
(chomping) (spits) what are you doing?! (barking) i know i promised, but... (helen yawns) what's going on out there? is everything all right? um... well... (sighs): oh... (sighs) (rings) y'ello. mario's pizza. mario speaking. what? my house is on fire? mamma mia! (doorbell dings) drop that pepperoni! ha! "canine crew nabbed in italian job."
7:39 am
and it's all because of you, martha. if you hadn't confessed to helen, they would never have been caught. i don't know. i still feel bad for eating those steaks. it wasn't your fault. you didn't know they were stolen. but i should have suspected something. even if the party had been for courageous collie carlo, they wouldn't have given out t-bones as favors. hmm, well, martha, there is a way you can make it up to me. anything, karl! just name it! you want me to clean the counters? my tongue is ready! no. something a little more difficult. now, tell me honestly, which is better, the brisket or the pastrami? well, i'll do my best. i wouldn't want to let you down, but if you want my honest opinion, we might need a little bit more meat. hey! what happened to the two cannolis i was saving? hello. i'm martha from the television series martha speaks. do you sometimes feel guilt?
7:40 am
well, you may be suffering from a common emotion known as shame. shame is a feeling you get when you do something wrong, like eating cannolis that have the words "property of dad" written on them. do your cheeks turn red? if you're a dog, does your tail go between your legs? shame can be treated by confessing what you feel bad about. we did it. we're sorry. martha: and doing something nice for someone. um, if that doesn't help, try the brisket. and remember, you neverave to be ashamed of feeling shame. martha (grunts): mine! mine! (both grunting) hi-yah! (mom clears throat) you know the rules-- no tug-of-war in the living room. and no chewing on my stuff. ew! if you two are going to misbehave
7:41 am
and act like wild animals, maybe you both should just go outside. (inquisitive bark) "misbehaving" means doing something bad. say no more. we'll go get some fresh air. hey, someone's giving a demonstration. maybe it's food! excuse me. pardon me. coming through. man: ladies and gentlemen, we all know that dogs aren't perfect. they don't pay attention; they bark and make messes. frankly, they're animals. observe. sir lancelot, sit. (barking) fetch. (groans) as you can see, dogs are not perfect. they are imperfect. which means they are not good all the time. or are they? dr. pablum, observe the same wild and naughty dog after just one day of training at the perfect pup institute. sir lancelot... sit.
7:42 am
ooh! ooh! lie down. (onlookers murmuring) roll over. beg. hop on one paw. woman: oh, that's wonderful! you see? now he's perfect. that's not perfect! that's terrible! who said that?! otis, calm down. i will not calm down! i... er... (indistinct chatter, laughing) that's weird. (nervous chuckle) i mean, how can i calm down when i'm so excited to train? and by "train," i mean teach your imperfect dogs to be perfect. what is he talking about? dogs are already perfect. all right, who said that?! was it you? i think it was the dog. (panting) (mockingly): i think it was the dog. i'm on to you, lady! gee, that guy is tense. all right, step up. who wants their dog to be perfect?
7:43 am
(excited chatter) (purrs, meows softly) skits, have you noticed anything strange about the dogs around here? my donald used to chase every squirrel that passed. but since he went to perfect pup, just look at him! see? now donald's totally obedient. obedient dogs do exactly what you tell them to do. (skits barking) (panting) martha: okay. something's definitely wrong here. what are those guys up to? otis: now, graduates, let's see how obedient you are. sit. beg. hop on one paw. (people murmuring) perfectly obedient. and now for the final test of your training, a biscuit for each of you. (panting)
7:44 am
wait. dogs not going for biscuits? that's not perfect, that's scary. (whines, barks) skits? (chomps) (all gasp) what have we here? a biscuit stealer, eh?! a textbook example of disobedient dog behavior. and by disobedient, i mean does not obey! uh, otis? huh? hm? (nervous chuckle): i mean, go on home now. (pleasantly): go on, get out of here. (clears throat) i don't like it. there is something strange about those dogs. (skits barks) okay, okay, i'm coming. (gasps): a talking dog! how is it possible? otis: pablum! get in here! (barking) (sniffing) disobedient? imperfect? wild? this guy doesn't know the first thing about dogs.
7:45 am
dogs are noble, they're... sophisticated, they're... hey, garbage! ah, that's good garb... age. skits, it's the back door! we have to find out what they're doing to those dogs! (whining) don't worry, skits. i have the perfect plan. (clears throat) (seriously): hello, i'm a reporter. no, no. (smoothly): hi, i'm a reporter. i'm here to do a story on your... (normal voice): uh, hello, i'm a... wonderful! please, come in. come in. wow, i'm good. (laughs) what luck. (whines) we at good dogkeeping magazine have lots of questions. hey! (grunts) quit shoving! hey! let me out of here! a talking dog, and you're mine, all mine. dognapper! let me out immediately!
7:46 am
otis, come quickly! martha: i demand my one phone call! (skits whining) (barking) once i find out the secret to how you speak, i'll be a world- famous scientist! (barking) what is it, pablum? this better be good. oh, believe me, it's good! say something. come on, talk. (barks) that's the same dog from this morning. did that woman put you up to this? (barking) lancelot is misbehaving. do something useful for once and fix him. a talking dog... (sir lancelot barking) (grunting) (panting) i'll show that bully. (whispers): sir lancelot, what's going on here? (barks) really?
7:47 am
your name isn't sir lancelot? it's burt and you used to run with the big dogs, but now you're stuck here being a demo dog, no better than a robot? do you know how we can get out of these crates? (barking) no? oh. (whines) collar time, sir lancelot. (whimpering) (barking) (gasps) it's the collar! you can speak! yes, that's right. i just didn't want that other guy to hear 'cause he might steal the secret from you. you're right. otis would only try to cheat me. you're one clever dog. not as clever as you, doctor. i would love to know how you make a dog like sir lancelot act so perfectly. oh, it's a simple process. watch. (barking) our latest group of dogs-- noisy, disobedient, imperfect.
7:48 am
we just remove the collar, attach this tiny brain-blocker microchip. the microchips turn off every part of the brain except the obedience lobe, the part that makes the dog do what you tell them. ah, i see. (chuckles) then we put the collar on. (dogs barking) (collars beeping) (barking stops) and now they're perfect. wow. and that works on any dog? pablum: oh, yes, any dog at all. hey, uh, what are you doing? just give me your collar. otis: pablum, hurry up and get out here with those dogs! pablum: i'll be back. (skits barking) skits! (barking) (thud) are you all right? (howls) okay, we better hurry. good work. let's go. dang. doorknob.
7:49 am
what's this? you again? you're not paying customers! no pay, no stay! get! (barking) skits, what about those other dogs? what about little burt? we can't just leave them with those bad guys, can we? (barking) skits, do you really want them to spend their lives being perfect? (whines) (pablum gasping) where is my talking dog?! my meal ticket, my chance at fame and fortune! martha: you called? you're back. yep, and i've got a deal. i'll tell the secret of how i can speak if you do one teensy little thing for me. and now for a demonstration. i'll show you how i've trained your wild and imperfect dogs and made them into tame, perfect pups.
7:50 am
wait! your collar's a little crooked. (beeps) there. now you're perfect. ah, whatever! (clears throat) and now for the demonstration. sit! all: ooh! lie down. roll over. beg. hop on one paw or foot. now just you, otis weaselgraft... tell the truth about the perfect pup program. speak! we're not really dog trainers. (all gasp) we put a microchip in your dogs' collars... turns dogs into furry robots... lasts just long enough for us to take your money and run. it's not your dogs that are misbehaving. it's these two. (all gasp) (barking) pablum: wait! you said if i helped you, you'd give me the secret to how you talk!
7:51 am
alphabet soup. alphabet soup? i don't understand. i'm telling you the truth. dogs may act wild sometimes, but we don't lie. (siren approaching) (gasps) soup is the secret? what does this mean? (siren wailing) (dogs barking) (sighs) everything's back to normal. isn't it great, skits? look. (all barking) well, skits, congratulations to us on a job well done. (man laughs) donald, no! perfectly done, in fact. (barking) someone was misbehaving in wagstaff city. the canny canine super-sleuths were hot on the trail of someone who had been disobedient.
7:52 am
very disobedient. who was it? who was the sneaky, misbehaving, disobedient wrong-doer? "it was that sneaky pillow," said martha. "it chewed itself and dug those holes in the garden "and left those muddy pawprints. you do believe us, don't you?" they said to chief inspector helen. (thud, door slams) "i guess we're in the doghouse now," woofed skits. "there's no fooling the chief," said martha. (barking) go fish. oh, hello, did you find all those words about behaving and misbehaving? let's see some of them again. "confess"? it means to tell someone that you did something wrong. "conceal"-- it means to hide. now donald's totally obedient. obedient dogs do exactly what you tell them to do. well, that's our show. bye.
7:53 am
♪ who's that dog? ♪ ♪ who's that dog? ♪ ♪ dog, d-d-dog, d-dog. ♪ that dog is decota. i got decota at mspca angell. they have an adoption center there. woman: do you want to take that dog for a walk? yeah. woman: so you're all set. you can bring decota home. puppies need exercise. the best thing about having a puppy is that you have someone to play with. ♪ he's that dog... ♪ ♪ dog, d-d-dog, d-dog. ♪ hey, you guys! announcer: it's "the electric company." join the crew as they use their powers and a whole lot of music to save the day. "the electric company," weekdays on pbs kids go! or watch anytime you want at martha speaks is funded in part by... kiddie academy child care learning centers... proud supporter of pbs kids. providing educationally focused child care, preparing children for school and for life.
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kiddie academy... the corporation for public broadcasting, by a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready-to-learn grant, by: and by: to dig up some more fun words and games, visit or check out your local library for the "martha speaks" books. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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7:56 am
hi. it's me hooper. can you guess where i am today? ♪ where is he going, what will he do? ♪ ♪ where in the world is hooper? ♪ my first hint is you'll see castles here but no kings or queens, and here's another clue. there's lots of water here, so you may need a towel in case you get wet. not a paper towel, silly! the other kind! thanks! and now for the final clue from "dinosaur train." this is the perfect place to see lots of amazing shells. sorry. this one's occupied! ok. now let's go over all the clues.
7:57 am
i'm at a place where you can see castles, where there's lots of water, and you can see all kinds of amazing shells. so can you guess where i am? you guessed it--the beach! everyone in the water! (george chattering excitedly) this program was made possible by: can fuel a lifetime of learning. early learning academy, proud sponsor of pbs kids and curious george. early learning academy, are designed for kids to be as active as their imaginations. all she knows is that, today, purple is her favorite color, and that's good enough for us. stride rite is a proud sponsor of "curious george." funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from:
7:58 am
(lively drum intro) ♪ you never do know what's around the bend ♪ ♪ big adventure or a brand-new friend ♪ ♪ when you're curious like curious george ♪ ♪ swing! ♪ ♪ well, every day ♪ every day ♪ ♪ is so glorious ♪ glorious ♪ george! ♪ and everything ♪ everything ♪ ♪ is so wondrous ♪ wondrous ♪ ♪ there's more to explore when you open the door ♪ ♪ and meet friends like this, you just can't miss ♪ ♪ i know you're curious ♪ curious ♪ ♪ and that's marvelous ♪ marvelous ♪ ♪ and that's your reward ♪ you'll never be bored ♪ if you ask yourself, "what is this?" ♪ ♪ like curious... ♪ like curious... curious george. ♪ oh... captioning sponsored by nbc/universal
7:59 am
narrator: there's nothing like spending a long weekend in the country with some of your closest inflatable friends. aah! oh. i'm not sure you needed all those pool toys, george. (sighs) (chattering) it'll be dark soon. do you want to go say hi to everyone while i... george... george? (hooting) (laughs) don't be too long. (gasps) (chuckles) george had a lot of friends to say "howdy" to... (pigs squealing) ...the pigs... ah, oink, oink! (pigs squealing)
8:00 am
...mrs. renkins... moo. ah! whoa there, george. (sighs) you gave me a turn. ...and of course the chickens. ooh. (chickens clucking) huh? did george just see a girl in there? huh? hi there. (gasping) (sighs) i have been sitting there for one whole hour and guess what? you want to guess? you want to guess? you'll never guess. (laughs) i am really glad that i'm not a chicken. so if you're thinking "i wonder what it's like to be a chicken," i can tell you. it's not very interesting. george had seen a lot of strange things in his day, but this was strange. well, i see you two have met. george, this is my granddaughter allie.
8:01 am
oh... (chattering politely) oh, are you a monkey? i like monkeys. do you want to play tomorrow? (laughing): yeah, uh-huh. allie's a spark plug, but if there's anyone who can keep up with her, it's you, george. b-bye. whoops. don't forget about tomorrow. (chatters enthusiastically) (hooting) bright and early the very next morning... (sighs) (door creaks) allie (whispering): hiya, george. huh? that man with the yellow pants-- he said i could go see if you're awake. are you awake? (yawns) uh-huh. finally. oh, you were sleeping forever. so, you know what i want to do today? monkey stuff! (imitates monkey hooting) huh? oh. (hooting) wait, don't monkeys go out the window? (door opens)
8:02 am
huh? (grunts) (hooting excitedly) ah, rats. all that morning, george showed allie "monkey stuff" like how to eat strawberries... ah. ...with your feet... whoops. (laughs) (imitates monkey hooting) (george and allie shouting excitedly) to swing on a rope... to sound like a full percussion section in an orchestra... george! (banging) ...and how to blow bubbles with an extra big monkey breath. i'm going to the store. do you want anything, george? uh-uh. did you know that monkeys can blow bubbles longer than anybody? (exhaling) that doesn't surprise me. how about you, allie? you need anything from the store? oh, yes. um... a flying trapeze...
8:03 am
and a walkie-talkie, please. uh... i'll see what i can do. bye, everyone. be a good little monkey... and girl. (car starts) (animal chittering) huh? (gasps) is that a squirrel? uh-huh, uh-huh. i love squirrels. (shrieks) whoops. does he live in that tree? uh-huh. hey, let's go see. race you. hi there. (shrieks) i found him, george. (hooting excitedly) (squirrel chittering) i think this hole is his house. whoops, i can't see anything.
8:04 am
do you have special see- in-the-dark monkey eyes? uh-uh. oh. we need a flashlight. oh, i know. i have one in my room. i'll go get it. whoops. except... how do i get down? hmm. ah! (giggling and hooting) ta-da! yeah, only i can't really do that 'cause i'm not an actual monkey. so how would a non-actual monkey get down from a tree? hmm. (chattering) okay. are you in there? (straining) (calling out) george, it's kind of weird. the squirrel won't answer me.
8:05 am
(grunting) (groans) (hooting) okay, so ladder plus monkey wasn't tall enough. what else could george use? a balloon? no. parachute? no. but then george remembered how he washed mr. glass' windows on the very tall building. yeah. this was going to be easy. all george had to do was find his life vest, tie a rope to the front, throw the rope over a branch, and bring allie down. hey, george. (chattering) maybe he'll come out if i talk squirrel talk. what do you think? (chattering) okay, here goes. (high-pitched screeching echoes) (squirrel groans) (chattering)
8:06 am
okay. (humming) yah! you missed, but don't you worry. i can get it. (chattering) (grunting) this is too small. it looks monkey-sized. (grunting) the rope was a good idea, but george needed to attach it to something that allie could put on or... ...get on. (chatters "yeah!") (hooting excitedly) (grunting) (chortling) (cheering) (grunting, chattering) (chatters "okay")
8:07 am
whoops, this raft is too flippy, george. (groaning) okay, let's think some more. (chatters "yeah!") george didn't have that many choices. only a too-short ladder, some pool toysand a rope. oh, a-ha! what could be easier than holding on to a rope?! (hooting happily) but we already tried the rope, george. a-ha! (chattering) okay, now what, george? (chattering, hooting) you want me to hold on while climbing down? uh-huh, uh-huh. okay.
8:08 am
(george cheering) whoops, i ran out of rope, george. hey, look what you did, george! (chuckling) whoo-hoo! finally! (giggling) let's do it again! huh? (horn honking) hey, it's mr. yellow pants! did you get me the flying trapeze? sorry. the store doesn't carry circus equipment for some reason. but i found these! ooh, walkie-talkies! i have to show my grandmother! bye-bye, i'll call you later. thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! (chuckling): you're welcome! so, george, did you have a nice time with allie? uh-huh! that night, george couldn't wait for lights out. man: "and so the little mouse roared
8:09 am
and the house fell down." (laughing) good night, george. happy dreams. (cooing) allie: allie calling george! allie calling george! (hooting happily) allie calling george, over. (chattering gibberish) ooh, it works! hooray! (screaming): yay! uh-oh... (softly): yay! okay, so i figured out how to make friends with that squirrel. first, we grow a tree. uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. then we take all the nuts... clearly, this was the start of a beautiful and curious friendship. and we go hide... uh-huh. and when the squirrel comes in to get the nuts, uh-huh, uh-huh. ...and say, "hi, squirrel!" you think that'll work? uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. girl: george is a monkey, and sometimes
8:10 am
he does things that you can't do. he tried to help ally by using a rope. this house has an upstairs porch and a downstairs porch. girl: we surprised the downstairs kids by lowering a marker. the string is kind of... like an elevator. an elevator is something that brings people and stuff up and down. boy: hey! we want to control the elevator from down here. boy: and this is called a pulley. we're going to wrap the string around the pulley. now we are controlling the elevator from down here. i hope you guys are hungry! (yells) (kids giggling) whoo-hoo! thanks for the grapes! you're welcome! an elevator is a very useful tool.
8:11 am
(hundley barking) narrator: in the city, dogs have all kinds of jobs. (alarm ringing) (dalmatian barking) there are firehouse dogs. (sirens wailing) and guard dogs. (barking) show dogs. (panting, barking) and dogs that put on a show. but of all the dog jobs, surely door dog was the most important. (barking) why, thank you, hundley. i have to run this upstairs. keep an eye on things for me, will you? (barking happily) (elevator dings) (dylan giggling): doggie! a toddler and his toy clown
8:12 am
were no match for a lobby dog. (toy squeaking) look, dylan, hundley brought your toy. (giggling) thank you, hundley. uh-oh. (chattering happily) george could mess up a lobby faster than ten toddlers with toys! (george humming lively tune) huh? huh? huh? hey! there was only one thing a door dog could do. return that toy and fast! (cheering, hooting) which, to george, looked exactly like a game of tag. (toy squeaking, george cheering) (hooting excitedly) chef: ♪ 20 crates of tomatoes... (hooting, laughing) (laughing)
8:13 am
(barking) (light chuckles) george couldn't figure out why hundley didn't want to play tag anymore. (barking) (giggling): georgie! (hundley barking) it was dylan's toy. uh-oh! (chattering) (giggling) (sighing) (groaning) (chattering sadly) (barking angrily) (gnocchi meowing) (clearing throat) (barking) if there was one thing gnocchi couldn't resist, it was a toy clown. (barking) (meowing inquisitively) hey! unh-unh!
8:14 am
chef: ♪ three cases of olive oil ♪ 20 crates of tomatoes hello, my little gnoccherina! what do you have there, a clown? oh, so cute! now, don't chew it all to pieces, okay? i must keep my basement tidy. (groaning) hundley had better rescue that clown fast. ♪ ten sacks of potatoes ♪ five wheels of parmigiano ♪ flour for linguini ♪ and fettuccine (hundley panting) ♪ all other 'inis, too now, where was that cat? (sniffing) (chattering, barking) (sniffing)
8:15 am
(squeaking) (barking) (cheering) chef: holy prosciutto! i forgot to buy the garlic! (door shutting) (lock clicking) now, what kind of chef forgets his garlic?! gotta go back to the store. (whimpering) hundley might be a door dog, but he wasn't very good at doorknobs. (hooting) (whines) fortunately, monkeys are excellent door openers. (grunts) unless... the door is locked. (grunting) (truck engine starts) chef pisghetti: ♪ three cases of olive oil... uh-oh. (moans)
8:16 am
(whimpering) hundley remembered that he didn't like basements. locked basements, especially. (whimpering) (meowing) (squeaks) (meowing continues) (squeaking) (barks) (meowing) (barking angrily) (meowing, barking and squeaking) (howling) (meowing and squeaking continue) gnocchi thought it'd be much more fun if she and hundley played outside. (barking) (whimpers) poor hundley. clearly, hundley needed some monkey help. (grunting, panting) (hoots) (panting) (grunting) (yells out) (hundley groans) (whimpering) (groans) (groans)
8:17 am
(moans) getting hundley out of the basement was going to be hard. too bad windows don't come with stairs the way doors do. hmm. a-ha! (grunting) hmm. uh... not high enough. (muttering) he definitely needed more stairs. (grunting, panting) (grunting) (grunts) (hoots excitedly) (chattering) (moans) (chattering) (groans) (hooting) (barks)
8:18 am
uh-huh! (panting) (grunting) (groans) (chatters) george was surprised that hundley couldn't reach the window. (moans) (gnocchi meows) gnocchi was surprised that hundley was still in the basement. (meows, toy squeaking) (panting) (groaning) (meowing) (squeaks) (squeaking) gnocchi was sure that a game of chase would make hundley feel better. (barking) it did. it took his mind off basements. (barking) (meows) (barking) (meows, toy squeaks) (barking) (gasps) ah.
8:19 am
george could build a ramp to the window. (grunts) (disappointed sigh) a ramp stronger than a pizza box. (gasps) a-ha! (barks) (squeaking) (barking) (squeaking) (barking) hundley was beginning to like this game. (barking, squeaking) (barking, panting) (grunts) george had to remind him that he wanted to get out of the basement. gnocchi had had a lot of fun with the clown, but now it was hundley's turn. (meows) (barks) (panting, squeaking) (squeaking continues) (moaning) (whimpers) (grunting) maybe hundley just needed a... push. (grunting, squeaking)
8:20 am
(yelling) (sighs) (whimpering) (moans) george needed to think of something else. ah! maybe he didn't have to go straight up to the window. (chattering) (confused groan) george didn't need one ramp. he needed a lot of ramps. a-ha! (hundley barking gently) george's ramps worked. (triumphant hooting) (door opening) (gasps) leaping linguini! (barks, groans) (squeaking) what did you do to my basement, giorgio? (chattering) (vehicle pulling up) huh? (hooting) (air brakes puffing)
8:21 am
dylan and his mom were back. (insistent chattering) hundley had to hurry. (toy squeaking, george hooting) (hooting) (meowing) gnocchi didn't know what was going on, but it sure looked like fun. (groans) (panting, toy squeaking) (panting) (barking) hundley? (gasps) thank you! i thought we'd lost this forever. look, dylan. (squeaking) clownie! (laughs) you are the best door dog. (barks) (dylan laughing, toy squeaking) another job well done. (groans) well... almost done. (meowing) (barking)
8:22 am
boy: george is a monkey. he built ramps so hundley could get to the window. ta-da. girl: this is a place where the stairs and the ramp go up to the same level and connect. and we're going to have some races. go! girl: c.j. and i are running up the stairs. evan and will are running up the ramp. yeah! girl: the stairs won. go! boy: it's a kicking a ball race. girl: and it took me a lot of energy to get the soccer ball to dribble up the stairs. the dodge ball for the ramp was easier for evan. i won! girl: we learned that the stairs takes less time, but it has more work. and they're shorter, but they're more steep, and the ramp is on a less steep angle, and if it's less steep, it's easier to get up. but it's longer. and the winner is... evan! announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor! one little idea...
8:23 am
do something nice for your neighbor! is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day. neighbor day! we can do lots of neighborly things for our neighbors. announcer: don't miss this amazing musical event! ♪ you can do something nice for your neighbor ♪ thank you, daniel. it's neighbor day! announcer: it's neighbor day on "daniel tiger's neighborhood" monday, september 2nd on pbs kids or watch daniel any time at peg: "hello" vo: a girl named peg "of course!" (laughs) peg: "one hundred billion to one. it's like way more than ten!" vo: peg plus cat a new show coming this fall to pbs kids (george chattering excitedly) this program was made possible by: have over 90 years of first steps behind them. what he does know is that, today, he's started walking, and life got a whole lot more exciting. stride rite is a proud sponsor of "curious george."
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we believe that learning and curiosity go hand in hand. early learning academy, proud sponsor of pbs kids and curious george. funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: hola! curious george loves to play and learn, so let's play an opposite game. i'll say something, and you shout out the opposite. ready? what's the opposite of up? down! right. and the opposite of stop? go! yes! and you can go online and play more games with curious george at now let's... ♪ go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ it's "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that" next. [horn honks]
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stocks fell on worries that china might...
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announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. ♪ stay and sleep ♪ hibernate ♪ no need to eat ♪ hibernate ♪ must move for food ♪ migrate ♪ when weather's rude ♪ migrate ♪ little brown bats will take a winter's nap ♪ ♪ we hibernate ♪ we hibernate ♪ wild hedgehogs, white-tailed prairie dogs ♪ ♪ we hibernate ♪ we hibernate good night. ♪ monarch butterflies go south and north ♪ ♪ and back and forth ♪ we migrate ♪ migrate ♪ a change of habitat, salmon do just that ♪ ♪ we migrate ♪ migrate
8:27 am
♪ stay and sleep ♪ hibernate ♪ no need to eat ♪ hibernate ♪ must move for food ♪ migrate ♪ when weather's rude ♪ migrate ooh! ah ah ah ah! goose, wait up! viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. man: hey! kids: what? ♪ come over here ♪ the cat in the hat is about to appear ♪ ♪ he's whizzing over to whisk you away ♪ ♪ on a fabulous journey today ♪ he's coming! ♪ and now he's arrived ♪ ♪ in the thingamajigger, the thing that drives ♪ ♪ he's a cat and he's oodles of fun ♪ ♪ with his hairy helpers, thing 2 and thing 1 ♪ woo-hoo! ♪
8:28 am
whoa! woo-hoo! yippee! wahoo! ♪ it's the cat in the hat ♪ ♪ all of our adventures start like that ♪ ♪ wherever you go and wherever you're at ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about... ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about ♪ he knows a lot about ♪ he knows a lot about that (children giggling) (nick and sally giggling) nick and sally: nine! ten! eleven! catch, sally! ugh! twelve! catch, nick! ugh! thirteen! it's the cat! the cat in the hat! thirteen is our most catches ever! amazing! you're the catchiest catchers i've ever caught sight of. can i play, too?
8:29 am
sure, but it's getting too dark to see the ball. (sighing) why does it always have to get dark when we're having so much fun? oh, a day that's so much fun is my kind of day! (laughing) ta-da! now you can play as long as you like! (cheering) whoa! uh-oh, game over. hmm, what if we stopped it from getting dark? then, we'd never have to stop playing! hmm, that's a great idea! but how? my friend astronaut audrey would know. she knows all about night and day, and everything in between! maybe she knows how to stop night-time from coming! let's go ask! your mother will not mind at all if you do. (giggling) hello, mom? this is nick. are you there? over! nick's mom: receiving you loud and clear! over! can we go see astronaut audrey with the cat in the hat to find out how to stop night-time from coming? over! stop night-time from coming? (nick's mom giggling)
8:30 am
okay, just as long as it doesn't take you all day! over and out! (nick giggling) nick and sally: we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! are you ready? yes, we are! are you steady? yes, we are! ♪ are you sure you're ready to explore? ♪ yes, we are! prepare for blast-off! (honking) pull the space-a-ma-racer! wow! nick: this is so cool! get ready for booma-blasters in 10... 9! 8! 7! 6! we're going to blast off like real astronauts! i can't wait! neither can i! (quickly): 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! (honking) all: blast off! ♪ here we go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪
8:31 am
♪ the thingamajigger is up and away ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today ♪ ♪ we're going ask audrey if there is a way ♪ ♪ that we can stop night-time from coming today ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go, go! (honking) cat in the hat: welcome to astronaut audrey's space station. nick: far out! wow! i hope someone's home! hello, cat! audrey, good to see you! hi! hello! what are you doing out there? i was just fixing a few things around the old space station. would you like to join me on my space walk? (gasping) nick and sally: yes, please! but when i say "space walk," i really mean flo-o-o-oat! (nick giggling) floating's fun! sure is!
8:32 am
(suit chiming) please remember to wear your space helmets at all times for your protection. thanks so much. (giggling) whoa! do we live down there? astronaut audrey: roger that! that's a big "yes, sirree"! but back home, it looks flat! from up here, it's round like our ball! that's earth! and all that blue is the swirly-whirly ocean. cat in the hat: why not take a look through my space zooma-rooma? you can see lots of places, like zooma-booma. you can see splishy splash splosh, and wallamaroo. and if you look close, you can see your house too! nick: hi, sally's house! (sally giggling) sally: hi, nick's house! that's funny! one side of the earth's lit up, and the other side's dark! huh? hey, you're right! the dark side looks like night-time, and the light side looks like daytime!
8:33 am
how can it be daytime and night-time at the same time? that's a great question! follow me inside my space station, and i'll try the answer. welcome to my space station! i hope no one's afraid of the dark, because to understand night and day, we need to turn down the lights! nighty night! now, what do you need to make it daytime? i know! an alarm clock, wakey wakey! (alarm ringing) oh! (giggling) that's not right, cat! you need the sun that rises every morning! roger that! ♪ nick and sally: cool! actually, the sun's hot, hot, hot! light and warmth from our sun are what makes it daytime! hey, look! it's a little earth!
8:34 am
just like the one in space! hop on! (giggling) i choose the sunny side! that means i get the dark side! (giggling) i see zooma-booma! i see wallamaroo! i see splishy splash splosh, and your house too! this flag shows where you guys live. awesome! wow, our earth is much smaller than your big sun, astronaut audrey. copy that! out in real space, the earth's even smaller, but it's not as small as the moon! whoa! (all giggling) if the sun is so big, where does it go at night-time? nick: that's easy! it turns off, and everything goes dark. let's see! see? it's all dark, just like night-time. something's missing! i can't see the cat or the moon now!
8:35 am
astronaut audrey: roger that! the sun lights up the moon, even at night! here i am! ha, ha! so, where does the sun go when it gets dark? the question is, where does your house go? huh? press the red button in front of you! look! the earth's moving! it's spinning round and round! hey, where'd our flag go? it was right here on my sunny side, and now it's gone! found it! it spun around to my dark side! hmm, first it was in sunshine, and now, it's in the dark! just like daytime and night-time! congratulations, that's right! it's the earth spinning that makes it day or night. when your side of the earth faces the sun, it's daytime. and when it faces away from the sun, it's night-time! my, space is a very spinny place! roger that, cat! press your green button!
8:36 am
don't you just love pressing buttons? ha! ah, ha, ha! i'm going around you! nick and sally: you're spinning, too! the moon spins round the earth, and the earth spins round and round! ♪ the moon spins round the earth ♪ ♪ and the earth spins round and round ♪ ♪ spinning round and round, and round and round ♪ ♪ spinning round and round and round ♪ ♪ the moon spins round the earth ♪ ♪ and the earth spins round and round ♪ ♪ spinning round and round, and round and round ♪ ♪ spinning round and round and round ♪ only it's big enough that you never get dizzy at home! isn't that amazing? and if you want your birthday to come sooner, all you need to do is spin the earth faster, and the days will fly by! that would be great! if you want days to fly, you know what to do. whistle real loud for thing 1 and thing 2! (whistling) (disco music playing)
8:37 am
thing 1 and thing 2: uh-huh! cat in the hat: why, i like it! (nick and sally giggling) ho-ho! whoo, yeah! ra, ra, ra, cha! hee-oh! look, there's our flag, and our houses in daytime! and now it's night-time! (giggling, chittering) daytime! night-time! (thing 1 and thing 2 giggling) daytime! night-time! (thing 1 and thing 2 cheering) whoo-hoo-hoo! whoa, it's spinning too fast! i don't know what day it is. oh! (whistling) thing 1 and thing 2: whee! that's why the earth spins around slowly, just once every day. hey! now we know what makes daytime and night-time! we never have to stop playing! all we need to do is stay on the bright side. where it's always daytime! nick and sally: yay!
8:38 am
oh, what a great idea! only the earth's still spinning. we can't run around the world every day! things never stop spinning in space. need a ride? (honking) (nick and sally giggling) nick: thanks for telling us about day and night, astronaut audrey. and everything in between! you're welcome! come back anytime! good day, and good night. ha, ha, ha! ready to exit space station in 5, 4... (quickly): 3, 2, 1! (honking) all: wahoo! look, it's daytime in wallamaroo! ooh, and night-time in zooma-booma! spin, spin, whizzy whoo! the earth spins round, and so do you! as long as we live on a spinning top, day and night will never stop. hey, sally! how about one more catch before bedtime? oh, okay! (walkie-talkie buzzing) oh! nick's mom: hello, nick!
8:39 am
this is mom, over! hi, mom! over! time to come in, it's night-time! over! not if we lived in wallamaroo! it's daytime there, over! really? (nick's mom giggling) okay, you can have five more minutes. over and out! yay! all right! that's just enough time to set a new record before bedtime! get ready, nick! nick and sally: one, two, three... (cat in the hat laughing) isn't this fun? nick and sally: four, five... do i have a stumper of a question for you! what bird runs the fastest? whoa! ahem, excuse me, mr. ostrich! i am asking a spell-binding question here! can you tell me which bird runs the fastest? (clock ticking) yes, the ostrich! they can't fly, but they run really fast! you got it this time,
8:40 am
but next time, i'll stump you for sure! nick and sally: time to take a picture with our snap-a-rama cameras! i'll take the picture! and i'll guess what it is! take a guess! wow, it looks like jewels! did you find a pirate's treasure? (sally giggling) oh, it looks like sand! you're right, nick! but what were all those jewels i saw? those weren't jewels. they're really tiny pieces of rock and shells. that's what sand is made of. that's so cool, sally! (nick and sally giggling) you can't catch me, sally! oh, yes, i can, nick! (nick and sally giggling) huh? gotcha! (both giggling) ready to go again? whew, i'm too hot! you know what? you're right. it's way too hot to play tag.
8:41 am
too hot to play anything! (both sighing) too hot to play? why surely not! it's the cat! the cat in the hat! ha, ha! let me see how hot your "too hot" is. hmm. (bell ringing) oh, my! it is hot today! even too hot for my hot-a-mometer. i guess we should go play inside. we'll have to wait till it gets cooler. wait for fun? that cannot be done! there must be a way to have fun in the sun! how? we can go to muddy moo river and ask my friend hilda the hippopotamus. (giggling) hippo-what-amus? hippo... po... pot... amus? why, it's easy to say hippopotamus! you just have to practice a lot-amus. nick and sally: hippopotamus! you got it! but you can call her hippo, for short. oh, can we meet her? of course you can! your mother will not mind at all if you do! (giggling) mom!
8:42 am
can we go to the muddy moo river to have fun in the sun with hilda the hippo? sally's mom: fun in the sun with hilda the hippo? why not? and maybe i'll go have tea with a chimpanzee! (sally giggling) nick and sally: we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! whew, muddy moo river's too hot for me! i'd rather chill out in splishy splashy pond. fish, don't you like having fun in the sun? me? i'd prefer to go slow with the flow! sorry! this thingamajigger only has one speed, and that's fast! ha, ha! now, buckle up! (honking) flick the jigger-mawizzer! (giggling) (honking) isn't this fun? nick and sally: yippee!
8:43 am
♪ here we go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today ♪ ♪ at muddy moo river in baking-hot sun ♪ ♪ with hilda the hippo we'll have so much fun ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go, go! (honking) cat in the hat: muddy moo river, right ahead! yahoo! whoo, it's even hotter than it was back home! and the sun's even brighter! i hope we don't get a sunburn. oh, my! how could i forget? rule number one for fun in the sun: wear plenty of sunscreen. oh, we forgot to bring some!
8:44 am
need sunscreen quick? here's what to do. have it delivered by thing 1 and thing 2! (whistling) hello! (giggling) hey, whoa! both: uh-oh! (grunting, groaning) whew! (growling) hey! (chittering angrily) (grumbling, chittering) did i mention that we need sunscreen... quickly?! oh, uh-huh! (singing happily) (nick and sally giggling) thanks, thing 1! and thing 2! (laughing) not for me. i have my own special lotion for sensitive fur and... wait! thanks.
8:45 am
(nick and sally giggling) hilda! hilda! where is she? oh, she'll be hanging around somewhere. maybe i can see her from up here? hippos aren't usually hard to spot. do you mind, cat? ah, ha, ha! hilda, it's you! why, hello! these are my friends, nick and sally! very pleased to meet you! ah-- oh, and what is that? it's the cat's sunscreen. for sensitive fur. it stops the sun from burning him. i have something for that, too! take a look! oh, don't be shy. come and see. come on, cuties! look at this. wow! (nick and sally giggling) it's all sticky! (giggling) ugh, it looks like ketchup! who rubs it on your back, hilda? heh, no one! my body makes it, and it oozes out of my skin all by itself!
8:46 am
how about that? automatic built-in sunscreen! who needs a tube? ah, ha, ha! we were wondering how you have fun when it's so sunny and hot! oh, it's never too hot to have fun! can you show us how? my way to have fun in the sun... is to run! run, run, run, run, run! wow, hilda is fast! let's go! (nick and sally giggling) ♪ we want fun in the sun ♪ fun in the sun ♪ yes, we want fun in the sun ♪ ♪ fun in the sun ♪ fun in the sun can be easily done ♪ ♪ fun in the sun ♪ so let's run in the sun ♪ ♪ with a hippy-hoppy hippopotamus ♪ ♪ ta-da (gasping) oh, i do beg your pardon! why? you have a beautiful voice.
8:47 am
yes, but usually, we only open our mouths wide when we are disagreeing with another hippo. i'll be the other hippo, and open my mouth wi-i-i-de! (laughing) you are such a pussycat, cat! this is wi-i-i-i-i-de! awesome! so, how did you enjoy our run? it was fun! in the sun! whew, but we're even hotter now. hmm, uh... (gasping) how about we run in the river for some real fun? come on! follow that hippo! ah, ha, ha! jump in! oh, the water's lovely! but we didn't bring our bathing suits! i always come prepared! ready for some real fun in the sun?
8:48 am
nick and sally: yeah! (giggling) ah, this is so much cooler! i love to go swimming! (laughing) i don't swim! i do something much more fun! i run on the bottom! sally: wait! we can't stay underwater like that. we'd float up to the surface. and we can't hold our breath that long. if you want to stay underwater like a hippo, you need my full-of-air hippo helmets, and heavy hippo boots! ah! that's great! neat! (giggling) my feet are touching the bottom, sally! yeah, and i'm walking! look! cool! wow, hilda can run in the river! hilda may be too big to swim,
8:49 am
but it doesn't stop her from getting around. go, hilda, go! yay, hilda! (nick and sally giggling) nick and sally: whee! cat in the hat: hippo-yee-ha! ♪ we want fun in the sun ♪ fun in the sun ♪ yes, we want fun in the sun ♪ ♪ fun in the sun ♪ fun in the sun can be easily done ♪ ♪ fun in the sun ♪ so let's run in the sun ♪ with a hippy-hoppy hippopotamus ♪ ♪ ta-da (all laughing) i do beg your pardon. let's have some more fun! nick and sally: whoa! i can see your hippo helmet above the water! i can see yours too! and i can see the lovely hilda! ah, ha, ha! nick: cool! with these hippo eyes, we can see you without coming out of the water.
8:50 am
and see? my nose sticks out, too! nick: so, you can see and breathe without coming out! hilda has fun in the sun without being in the sun! anyone for another dip? yes, please! (all laughing) that was so much fun! i wish i could hold my breath underwater as long as you! i only need to come up for air now and again, ha ha! running in the river with you is the coolest thing ever! and it's given us an idea for what we can do back home! more fun? ah, ha, ha! what are we waiting for? thanks, hilda! oh, you're welcome! come back soon for more fun in the sun! we will! bye! bye-bye! see you later! hippos know how to have fun in the sun! they're giant creatures, but fast when they run. they make their own sunscreen to protect their backs,
8:51 am
and stay in the water when they want to relax. (all giggling) (nick humming) hey, nick! pass me the sunscreen, please. it's not hippo goop, but it does the trick. ready for some more fun in the sun? (sally giggling) race you through the sprinkler, nick! you're on! (nick and sally giggling) walking underwater like hilda the hippo. isn't this fun? whee! yay! welcome to hat chat! today, we're talking to a puffer fish. hi, there! so, why are you called a puffer fish? you don't look very puffy. not yet. see, we're kind of slow swimmers. awkward, even. but we can gulp down a lot of water really fast! um, and that's a good thing? sure! if i'm about to be swallowed by something,
8:52 am
then i just do this. gulp! gulp! gulp! nick and sally: whoa! (deep voice): can't swallow me now! cool, huh? impressive! very cool! and that's why a puffer fish is called a puffer fish! thanks for the interview! my pleasure! can we see you puff out again? sure! gulp! gulp! gulp! (nick and sally laughing) (sound of chimpanzees in distance) ♪ have you ever seen a chimpanzee? ♪ ♪ he looks a lot like you and me ♪ ♪ he makes funny faces and funny sounds ♪ ♪ he walks like us to get around ♪ ♪ a chimp can climb, he really swings ♪ ♪ he plays fun games like wrestling ♪ ♪ chimps, they see, chimps, they do ♪ ♪ chimps, they look a lot like you ♪ ♪ chimps, they do, chimps, they see ♪ ♪ chimps, they look a lot like me ♪ ♪ if you've ever had an itch to scratch ♪ ♪ a chimpanzee relates to that
8:53 am
♪ he uses sticks just like a tool ♪ ♪ this chimp is no one's fool ♪ ♪ most of all, he likes to giggle ♪ ♪ everyone give their tail a wiggle ♪ ♪ chimps, they see, chimps, they do ♪ ♪ chimps, they look a lot like you ♪ ♪ chimps, they do, chimps, they see ♪ ♪ chimps, they look a lot like me ♪ ♪ chimps, they see, chimps, they do ♪ ♪ chimps, they look a lot like you ♪ ♪ chimps, they do, chimps, they see ♪ ♪ chimps, they look a lot like me ♪ (nick and sally giggling, chimpanzees screeching) announcer: labor day on pbs kids. hi, neighbor! one little idea... do something nice for your neighbor! is about to become one big celebration: neighbor day. neighbor day! we can do lots of neighborly things for our neighbors. announcer: don't miss this amazing musical event! ♪ you can do something nice for your neighbor ♪ thank you, daniel. it's neighbor day! announcer: it's neighbor day on "daniel tiger's neighborhood" monday, september 2nd on pbs kids or watch daniel any time at
8:54 am
cat: "hold me baaaaaack!" cat: "ha-ha-ha-ha" cat: "oh yeah!" peg plus cat a new show coming this fall to pbs kids viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. nick and sally love to learn about different kinds of animals. did you know that most owls sleep all day and stay up all night? they're called nocturnal because they're awake while you and i are sleeping. can you think of another animal that's nocturnal? a bat! right! bats are nocturnal, too. isn't it fun learning new things? you can learn more about animals with the cat in the hat at and up next it's a reading adventure with "super why!"
8:55 am
8:56 am
hi, there. what are you guys doing? we're looking at baby animals. this is a puppy. when she gets older, she'll be a dog. miss rosa: you're right. ooh, this looks like a tough one. what will this baby animal be when he grows up? it doesn't have any legs. is it a snake? it has little fins. snakes don't have fins. is it a fish? good guess. this animal does have fins, but they'll grow into legs when he gets older, because he loves to jump. oh, i know. is it a frog? excelente. this is a tadpole, and when he grows up, he'll be una rana, a frog.
8:57 am
you see, some baby animals look the same when they're babies as they do when they're older, like puppies, and other baby animals look very different, like this tadpole. um, here's a picture of me as a baby. "super why" is funded by: a co-operative agreement of the u.s. department of education and the corporation for public broadcasting's "ready to learn" grant, and by pbs viewers like you. [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids. [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. sometimes the greatest adventure can start with one click. early learning academy, proud supporter of pbs kids and super why!
8:58 am
♪ who answers the call for friends in need? ♪ ♪ super why ♪ super why ♪ he's the guy he's super why ♪ ♪ who's got the power the power to read? ♪ ♪ who looks into books for the answers we need? ♪ ♪ super why ♪ super why ♪ and the super readers we're gonna fly ♪ ♪ come along ♪ with the super readers ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪ ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪ ♪ yeah! super why [ ♪ ]
8:59 am
[ ♪ ] hi! so glad you're here. it's me, whyatt! [ ♪ ] welcome to storybrook village, where all our fairy-tale friends live! [ cellphone ringing ] a note! i just got a note! let's go! [ ♪ ] come on! i can't wait to read my note! it says, "dear whyatt. roses are red, violets are blue.


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